Blazingly fast create flashcards from PDFs

Highlight content in PDF documents

Link your card content back to the exact source in the PDF



  1. Start by visiting In the Documents view you can then select a pdf file to use.
  2. When the document is processed, it will appear in your document list. Click on Create cards from PDF to open the card creation view.
  3. To annotate text in the pdf, select the text and click on one of the appearing color options
  4. The content you highlighted can be directly inserted on to the current flashcard, but this setting can be changed in the options menu inside the side panel.
  5. You can also select an area that can be inserted as an image or as text content. For that, simply select a rectangular region with the right mouse button. Alternatively, click on the button on the bottom left to select an area with your primary mouse or touch input.